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Grand Stand, Pit Area, Track Area Rules:

  • Please follow these simple rules for a safe and enjoyable evening.

  • All persons entering closed pit area must sign all waivers and have a pit pass. no exceptions.  (Being caught with out pit pass may be asked to leave.)

  • No Alcohol

  • No Pit Bikes/No Golf Carts  (pits are to small pit machines  not needed nor welcome)

  • Pets must be leashed

  • No bicycles in the track or grandstand areas.


  • A complete List of all rules available at the scoring trailer.

  • These rules are necessary for your safety concerns!

  • Sorry, we do not accept credit cards except for AMA membership.

  • WE RUN A CLOSED PIT AREA FOR YOUR SAFETY AND WELL BEING. Not to mention we have too!! 

  •  Please note pit pass fees are "waived" for minor parents.


Practice and Race Rules:

  • We follow AMA and District 17 Rules.  here are some other specific rules below.

  • Riders are expected to ride their correct practice. (This is needed to keep riders that are the same speed in the same practices.)

  • NO Doubling or jumping at speed on yellow flag. 

  • Exercise Caution on yellow flag its about your safety

  • ALL Flaggers are adults the will direct you.

  • ALL Flaggers have radio communication.

  • Ambulance crew is in direct communication with flaggers and Referee.

  • For everyone's safety, all persons must stay behind fencing. (this is critical so no one gets hit) this includes all 50cc classes we will assist riders if needed)

  • Riders must obey flagging instructions given at riders meeting. 

  • Need to talk to the Referee go to the starting line and have them call it in, the referee will come to you.

  • ANY number changes, or bike changes has to be done BEFORE you race, you have to go to the sign up trailer to get this done.