Megacross Shootout rd 3


Martin, Beetz, Hill, Kelly, Malatia, Baker excel at MegaX

Tri-County Fair Ground

Mendota, Illinois May 15

By Merle Acord



eah, we had a lot of rain,” said Promoter Gerhard Ward, “but the track has excellent drainage and if we suspect rain and leave the track hard packed it can rain right up to race time and we’ll still have a show. I don’t think the majority of the riders realize that the Megacross track is that close to being weather proof?”

          And put on a show they did, Ross Martin from Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin riding his first motocross of the season since putting his Polaris contract ride in the shed for the summer after a very successful winter of sledding, aced the 125A and 250A mains with Kody Molitor, Maple Park, Illinois, Roy Horton, Frankfort, Illinois, and Tad Tyrrell challenging at one corner or the other during the races

“I told you last year I would be back. I had my shoulder operated on last fall and I feel better than ever,” said 125A and 250A winner Ross Martin of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin and sponsored by Ace William’s Motorworks, and EVS. “I had good holeshots in both motos and aced the 125 class. In this class I followed Roy and was planning on making a move in the last lap but he fell right in front of in the corner before the finish line with a couple of laps still to go. We got tangled up but I was the first to get going again and that was pretty much the race. That corner was a little tricky and pretty much one line.”

“I had a good time in the X-games last winter,” said Ross. “I won the Semi-Pro Stock this year and have signed with Polaris for next year and I’m looking forward to it.”  

“I had some bad luck in the 125 and just couldn’t get going,” said Roy Horton of Frankfort, Illinois and sponsored by Nielsen Enterprises, Roy picked up a third in the 125A and a second in the 250A. “If you can’t get started you can’t beat’m. Ross rode well and I have no complaints. In the 250A’s Ross and I got together and I don’t like riding like that and I told Ross about it. And I rode my own race after that and that stupid little stake in the corner before the finish line whoops got me for the second time tonight and cost me a win. But Ross rode well and I can’t take anything away from him.” 

“I can’t believe I got a decent holeshot,” said Tad Tyrrell third in the 250A main, “It has been so long. I was running third and thought I had a chance to pass into the lead when Ross and Roy got tangled up for a few seconds,” “But they got going again too quickly for me to do anything but watch. I want to thank mostly Mom and Dad, then Helmets with Style, and Tag.”

Jeremy Beetz, first year Quad A rider, came out smoking, winning the heat race and then the main. “I came out and rode my best,” said Beetz, “and it worked out. I would like to thank No Limit Racing, Illinois Valley Millworks, Rob Brown at 4/Play Racing and Gary at Meridian St. Motorsports.” Clint Biddle and Jim Kvidera, in that order, rounded out the top three.”

          “I don’t know about that,” said Martin Richied from Sycamore, Illinois when told by announcer Bill Holt during the podium interview that if he kept up his present racing speed they would make him an A quad rider. “I was having fun out there, and of course, it’s always more fun when you win. J&J Sports are giving me some help.”

          “I wasn’t gon’na get beat tonight,” said 50 Senior rider Cole Nelson of Inverness, Illinois. “I had made up my mind to go out there and just do my best. I want to thank Mom and Dad and my Sister. “I had a lot of fun and I’ll be back. Sis does a little but Mom does most of the work and Dad he just kind ‘a watches over everything.”

“I had fun out there, but he got the hole shot and I couldn’t get around him,” said second in the 50 Senior’s main Mason Flatness. I would like to thank Pro Source and Dad.”

“There really are some fast guys out here tonight,” said third Bryce Ivey of Rock Falls, Illinois in the 50 Senior class. “I’ve just got to get on the gas like Dad says. I getting help from Red Line Oil, and my parents.”

“I wasn’t looking to put a little excitement in the race,” said 25+A winner Jeff Hill. “Going down, it was a total accident. I came over that table top a little loose and crabbed my front wheel in the next turn. But I thought I could catch back up to Caleb and I did in that last bowl turn. I’m getting a little old for it but I thought I’ll throw it sidewise if I have to, but Caleb went high and I went low and kept it on and made the pass. Tuf Racing is still behind me a hundred percent even though I’m on a Honda, Waterman International Raceway and Toly Design is giving me some clothes to wear.”

“I thought I had him when I saw him fall down, and I was able to make the pass,” said second place 25+ A rider Caleb Russell of Sandwich, Illinois. “But he got right back up and on the gas, so what are you going to do? I knew he was going to come for it and he stuffed me in that bowl turn at the end of the long straight when I got a little high in the bowl turn. I want to thank Fox Valley Cycles and my Wife.”

Tyler Sarver was second back of “Mad Maxx” Malatia in the 65cc and said, “I think I’m getting faster each time I go out and I went as fast as I wanted to go tonight. I had a lot fun. I want to thank, Tag Metal, SoCal DeCal, Spy Goggles and Mom and Dad.”

“I always have fun,” said third place 65cc winner. “The reason I’m so dirty is this is my second race, I raced at Byron and got a seventh on my 65 and 20th on my 85 then we came here tonight.

“Who lit a fire under you,” asked announcer Bill Holt of Justin Kelly 4-Stroke winner, at the podium. “You were going like a house afire tonight.

“It’s always fun when they take your picture and give you the checkered flag,” said a smiling Justin. “I would like to thank Pro Source Yamaha Suzuki, Rusty Ott, and Mom and Dad.”

“I’m not quite back in  shape yet,” said Kody Molitor second in the 4-Stroke on a big Yamaha, “But I’m getting there, it has only been four weeks since my shoulder surgery. That and all the other injuries I had later, I feel really lucky to be riding. I can’t take anything away from Justin (Kelly) he was flying tonight. But I’m going to get back up there and battle with him some more. I’d like to thank Tuf, they are my new sponsor this year, and SoCal DeCal, UFO, and my family is behind me 100% and I’m happy to be here right now.”

“I’ve got to get better starts,” said second 14-24 winner Steven Horton. “The track was fun but it just wasn’t my night. I would like to thank Nielsen Enterprises.”

“I didn’t see the checkered flag on the last lap, so I had to take an extra lap just to be sure,” said Justin Baker winner of the 85 Senior class and out of Leland, Illinois. I would like to thank Tuf Racing and Mom and Dad.”

“I was about third off the line,” said second place 85 Senior rider Chris Antolak. “In the white flag lap, Adam (Tarara’s) front axel nut came loose and he lost the wheel and I moved into second place. I want to thank Tuf Racing, Thor UFO, EVF Knee Braces, and Smith Goggles.”

It didn’t bother fourth place 85 Senior rider Broc Pagni that he got muddy what was important was the finish. “My Mom and Dad are driving me to all the races and I want to thank them for that, we went to Byron today to qualify for Loretta Lynn’s and it was muddy up there. I’ve been racing all day long.”

“Heck of a move ‘Mad Maxx’” said announcer Bill Holt of a bowl turn passing move on the out side, “But it scared your Dad watching from over by the finish line jump, half to death.”

“Yeah, and it scared me too.” Said 85 Junior winner. “I would like to thank DGY and Mom and Dad.”

“I wasn’t really ready for him at the corner, but I did see him coming down the straight-away,” said second place 85 Junior rider Tyler Sarver. “He passed on the outside, kind of a dangerous place to make a pass and I wasn’t expecting it. I would like to thank Hammertime Sports and Mom and Dad.”

“I like riding the 80”s better than the 60’s,” said Jacob Baker third in the 85 Juniors, “They are a lot faster and more fun to ride. I would like to thank Mom and Dad and Naperville Motorsports.”

“A good start and no crashing, it worked out real well,” said 30+A winner Burton Lavens of Oglesby, Illinois. “It was a bummer that crash in the heat race but that is racing and no big deal I just wanted to come out in this race and show what I got. I would like to thank Pro Source, Troy Lee, Meridian Street Motorsports, and all of those that are helping me out.”

“It has been a terrible night of starts for me,” said second place winner Tim Filippi. “Guess I’m in a funk. Lavens got out there and got away. I would like to thank Gieson’s Motorsport Yamaha, and Frank’s Performance.”

“That was like the worst start ever,” said 30+A third place winner Jeff Hill. “I was pushed into the telephone pole twice and when I finally got an open track I saw the checkered flag. I’ve been riding with both of these guys for 15 years or so and it is good to have a good race with them, but you can’t give them the head start that I gave them off the line. But I’ve had a good night, a third here and a first in the +25.”

“I needed that,” said Steven Horton of his 125B win. “I didn’t know where Tyrrell was but I knew he was going to come; He’s a good rider. I would like to thank Nielsen Enterprises, and Renthal.”

“I had a terrible start,” said Andrew Tyrrell second in the 125B main. “They were blocking pretty good out there and I had to work hard to get by them and when I finally got behind Horton, that was it, I just couldn’t get around him. I would like to thank Checkered Body Auto, Helmets with style and my Grandma.”

“He came out of nowhere,” said third place 125B winner Jim Murry of Andrew (Tyrrell’s) late moto pass. This is my first time here and I’m not all that used to the track yet. But I like it and I will be back and they won’t sneak up on me again.”

Bill Chrisos of Woodstock, Illinois had a good start in the 250C class and carried it right to the checkers without breaking a sweat. Bill said he would like to thank Motosports Factory.

“I’m consistent,” said Todd Heermann, of Ottawa, Illinois, “This is my third second in a row. I would like to move up to first and be consistent there. It’s a good track tonight, lots of traction.”

“I didn’t let them beat me,” said third place 250C winner and one of Mendota’s own, Jake Miller, “They were faster than me. I would like to thank Mom and Dad, No Limit Racing, and Gary Berrelli of Meridian St. Motorsports”

It was all Suzuki on the podium in the 250B class

“I got a better holeshot, and I’ve improved my attitude, that and a good bike makes all the difference,” said 250B winner Jeremiah Johnson of Elburn, Illinois.

“I just couldn’t quite catch him,” said second place 250B rider Tom Cox who got his Suzuki from Ron and Brian Motorsport. “I had the holeshot but Jeremiah got out in front and he was gone. I couldn’t keep up with him. I need a little more practice and maybe next time I’ll stay with him for at least a few laps.”

“I tried to show these guys the fast line, it was hard but a lot of fun,” said 125C winner Jason Mott of Bloomington, Illinois. I’m getting most of my help from Mom and Dad.”

“I was gaining on Mott” said second place 125C winner Nick Manning, “But I got tired. I want to thank my Dad for all of his help.”

“Did I have fun, yeah, totally.” replied Jack Sarussi of Brookfield, Illinois who picked up a third in the 125C class. The only help I’m getting is from Mom and Dad, DGY is thinking about helping me?”

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Ross Martin double class winner leading 125Class in lap I

Barney Lavens aced 30A

Jeremey Beetz 1st in Quad A

Clint Biddle 2nd in Quad A

Jeff Hill 746 aced the 25A's

Larry Bank 3:18 took the holeshot but  74 Ted Hofmeister tooke the win in the +40 class

Tyler Sarver 2nd in the 65cc

Justin Kelly 154 leading the 4/s and took the win

Robert Loire from WI getting some air


#66 Caleb Russell 2nd in the 25A #746 Jeff Hill was 1st


"Mad Maxx" Malatia aced the 65cc and 85 jr


The younger brother Steve Horton, had a good night in the B classes

Kody Molitor 2nd in the 125A and 4/stroke

Tim Filippi picked up a second in the 30 A class


Steven Horton was 1st in 125B and 2nd in 14-24


Ross Martin led the 250A thru the first corner