Megacross Shootout: round 3


Martin mauls Megacross


Tri-county Fair Grounds

Mendota 5-29-04

By Merle Acord




e were rained out of the second round of the Megacross Shootout and we can’t reschedule because District 17 has a full race schedule till late in the fall,” said Megacross promoter Gerhard Ward at the rider’s meeting at what would have been the fourth Megacross, but is now official round three.  “It looks like our ten race shootout might be reduced to nine this season.” 

“I was grabbing all the traction I could get in the bowl turn; then a blast of gas when I straightened out for the jump,” said 125A and 250A class winners Ross Martin of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin when queried by track announcer Bill Holt about the gutsy move of taking the double straight off  the bowl turn out back. “I think I found a new section on this track, but it was a little scary especially on the four stroke. It wouldn’t rev up like the two stroke and I almost didn’t make it. I would like to thank Ace Power Sports, EVS, Williams Motor Works, Rob Brown of 4/Play Racing and ClipsAndPics.

“I was fortunate to get a good start, behind Martin,” said second 250A rider Kody Molitor on a new ride with a Tuf Racing Kawasaki this year. “Greg was catching me big time at the end and I was lucky to hold him off. I saw that white flag and started pushing as hard as I could and still stay smooth on that last lap. I just can’t say enough about Tuf Racing and my mechanic Jake Favor, he’s been helping me out a lot. I’m looking forward to getting in better shape and getting out here and running with these guys again.”

“I didn’t have a good jump out there,” said third place 250A Pewaukee, Wisconsin Suzuki rider Greg Hochmuth. “They were sneaking past me on the inside and I think I ended up somewhere around fifth or sixth into the first turn. I was able to make up some time and got around a few guys and was lucky to finish third. I would like to thank Torque Center, and Lou Fowler’s Pro Action.”

Quad B winner Martin Richied of Sycamore, Illinois riding a Yamaha, said, “I finished second in the heat race but I learned a lot and I came out for the final and just let her rip. I would like to thank, J&J Sports, and Emery’s Concrete.”

Travis Jones from Juda, Wisconsin, ran out front in the qualifying heat and said this about his second place finish in the main, “I’m really disappointed in my race, and I can ride a lot better than that. My biggest problem was my crappy starts. I would like to thank my sponsors, 4/Play Racing and my Uncle for buying all my fuel.”

Mike Jones  on a Honda and third in the quad B’s said, “This is the first race I’ve run this year and I am out of shape. I want to thank Rob Brown of 4-Play Racing for putting this killer package together for me and it’s running right with the new 450s out there. I’ll see ya out here again in two weeks.”

“My brother Ryan finished third tonight but beat me in the heat race,” said quad C2 winner Nicholas Cronauer of DeKalb, Illinois. “He led for a while in the Main but in a bowl turn he went high and I passed him low on the inside and took the lead. We push each other all the time but have a lot of fun racing. I really like this track and I’ll be back. I would like to thank Moose Racing, Smith Goggles and my parents.” 

“It’s a fast track and kind’ a technical and it’ll take it out of ya,” said second place quad C2 winner Matt Schabacker up on a Yamaha. “I finished third in the heat, but I had a decent start in the main and was able to finish second.” 

Third place winner Ryan Cronauer in the Quad C2 said, “It’s a tough track and it wears you out pretty quick. I finally got a good start but then I got caught behind a bunch of people and when I did get around I had to work my way up from there to third. I had a great time tonight and I’m definitely glad I did this, and I will be back.”

Nick Mardis from Mackinaw, Michigan and hometown favorite, Mendota’s own Jeremy Beetz hooked up in a classic battle in the Quad A heat race that would carry over to the main. In the Main, Mardis, had the inside position when the pair went wheel to wheel into the first turn and he never let up pushing Beetz further outside forcing  him to back-off or careen off a light-post at the second turn. Mardis out-front didn’t have to look for Beetz, he was a handshake away at his rear fender and when flagman Loren Cook, former #1 National Amateur Champion, waved the checkers Mardis was still less than a bike length out-front as he had been all of the five lap race. John Seffood of South Wayne, Indiana was a distant third.

Cody Williams rode a steady race in the 50 Senior class and came away with the win. RJ Wehn didn’t move into the second place slot in the 50 Senior class until the white flag lap. “I had a lot of fun tonight,” said RJ, “and I’ll be back.”

“I didn’t get as good a start in the main as I did in the heat race,” said Mason Flatness third in the 50 Senior class, “and it’s hard to make it up from the back of the pack.”

“My dad’s going to get me a new bike,” said “Madd Maxx” Malatia, 65cc winner. “I’ve worn this one out. I want to thank DGY, MCC and Mom and Dad.”

Brandon Pope on a Kawasaki from Spring Grove, Illinois, followed “Madd Maxx” Malatia for five laps but couldn’t find away around. “I’ll get him next time,” said Pope

“It was a good race,” said third place 65cc winner Tyler Sarver riding a KTM out of Loves Park, Illinois. “I was up near the front but I couldn’t get around those guys.”

“I just got on these new Kawasakis this week, they are so fast and so easy handling that I just can’t talk them up enough,” said 4/stroke winner Kody Molitor of Maple Park, Illinois. “Jake my mechanic is doing a great job and we are planning on staying together and keeping on winning. There are some real fast guys in this A class so it will be hard work.”

“I wished I could have gotten a better start to hang with them,” said third place winner Justin Kelly of Leland, Illinois. “I’m improving and it’s taking training and extra riding practice. It helps a lot. I would like to thank Pro Source Yamaha Suzuki, Rusty Ott, and Mom and Dad.”

Robert Kalina, from Metamora, Illinois, won the 14-24 class on a KTM and said, “Rick at RCR Cycle gave me a lot of help this year. It was a tough track tonight but it was a lot of fun even if it was hard work. Rick Kniaz and Jacob Kenyon rounded out the top three.
          “I would like to be an A rider,” said 85 Senior winner Jacob Kenyon of Stillman Valley, “but I’m still too short but I’ll grow. I had a good gate tonight and I didn’t go down so it was a good ride. I would like to thank Robert’s Racing and my Parents.”

“I need better starts,” said second place 85 Senior Brian Antoniak from Freeport, Illinois. I need to thank Motorsports Factory and Mom and Dad.”

“They can’t keep us “Redheads” down can they,” said, - you guessed it - the “Old Redhead” track-announcer Bill Holt when he introduced red headed  Kyle White, third place winner in the 85 Senior class.

“The track is getting a little rutted and slick in some spots, but overall it’s good,” said Kyle. “I had a couple of fast guys in front of me, but I’ve had a couple of rough weekends and these guys are very good. I want to thank Mom and Dad and my big brother Brian.”

“Madd Maxx” Malatia is a fast motorcycle racer, but that’s not all, he’s a showman; Madd Maxx from Itasca, Illinois wears a jet black helmet with an eight ball painted on it, has a set of  flashing light, red and blue, wired to his handle bars and a good luck stuffed bear, named Barney, glued to the back of his chest protector and a smile as wide as his MCC, DGY Honda handle bars. “I knew you could beat those guys,” said track announcer Bill Holt in his podium interview after the 85 Junior final.

“I had a good holeshot, and I got lucky,” said Madd Maxx about his wire to wire win in the 85 Junior class. “Devinney was pushing me hard.”

“I’ll be back in a couple of weeks,” said second place winner Dallas Devinney of East Moline, Illinois, “and I’ll show you how much I’ve improved.”

“I tried, I really did, but at least I didn’t fall down,” said third place 85 Junior winner Tyler Sarver of Loves Park, Illinois. “I didn’t have too good of a holeshot either but I’m still having fun.”

Ross Martin took the holeshot in the 125A class and as they say, never looked back.

Greg Hochmuth of Pewaukee, Wisconsin and third in the 125A class said, “I thought Justin was getting a little tired, so I set him up for a pass in a bowl turn by jumping just a bit further on the doubles and going hard to the inside. I haven’t been starting good here and of course starts are very important in stadium style racing. I would like to thank Torque Center, Pro Action by Lou Fowler and Mom and Dad.”

“It seems like in every moto I ride my butt off, then I get tired and mess-up,” said third place Justin Kelly from Leland Park, Illinois. “I’ve got to ride with my head and not worry about what’s behind me. I would like to thank Pro Source, Rusty Ott, SoCal DeCal Works, and Mom and Dad.”

“It took me a while to get going tonight, but I feel good now,” said +30 A class winner Keith Sheldon of Bettendorf, Iowa. “I would like to thank Fun Mart Cycle Center and PEK Performance.”

“I knew I had my work cut out for me, especially when I didn’t get a good start,” said third place 30A rider Robert Motsinger. I pulled a holeshot earlier in the heat races and they got around me so I knew it was going to be tough. I would like to thank Pro Circuit, and Le Mones  Racing.”

“I haven’t been riding as much as I would like to, but I’m getting back in the groove and having a good-old-fun-time. We took a  chance on the rain and came down here tonight and it worked out,” said second place 30A rider Eron Ezerins from West Allis, Wisconsin. “I’m just getting back into form but I felt good out there and I didn’t want to really push anything, not yet anyway.  I would like to thank Lake County Power Sports, and Torque Center.”

“I had the holeshot but right after the start my shifter lever fell off and I was stuck in second gear,” said second place 30B KTM rider Todd Schmollinger. “I was afraid that I was going to kill it but after Troy Pokoj (first place winner) got by me I just rode my own race. Really it wasn’t too bad, other than the long straight out back, second gear suited me fine.”  

“I had a good time and was happy to get a third place,” said Mendota’s hometown 30B KTM rider Keir Sexton. 

“So far this year, this is my first win at a “Shootout”, but I hope we see enough of each other to become good friends,” said Rick Kniaz to track announcer Bill Holt. “The track is great tonight and I’m out here to have a good time. I would like to thank Woodfield Motorsports and Dad.”

“I hit the gate and it was a terrible start,” said third place winner Derik Kostellic. “The finish could have been a lot worse than a third place, but it did make me work kind’ a hard. I would like to thank Mom and Dad.”

“Second place again and I’m loving it; it’s better than third,” said Todd Heerman second place 250C rider. “They did a great job on the track and I would like to thank everybody.”

Another hometown boy, Jake Miller on a Honda took a third in the 250C’s and said “I didn’t get last so it was a good time. I would like to thank Mom and Dad.”

“You have to run or get run over,” said first place 250B rider Robert Kalina of Metamora. “I haven’t been practicing too much lately but when I do I can tell the difference. RCR Cycles is giving me a lot of help, and of course, so are my parents.”

“I had a pretty good start,” said second place 250B Suzuki rider Tom Cox. “I was closing on the leader and then I made a few mistakes and dropped back. I know you’re not supposed to make mistakes but error-free tonight I wasn’t. We were about the same speed and after I dropped back I couldn’t catch back up. I would like to thank my parents, Ron and Brian and Torque Center.”

          “The track is getting a little slick,” said Kris Bracken picking up a win in the 125C’s to go with his win in the 250C’s. “I didn’t walk all over anyone tonight so I don’t think that I’m ready for the next higher riding levels yet. I would like to thank my parents and It’s always nice to take a win back to the trailer.”

          Nick Manning, first in the 125C said, “I thought Chris was going to get me, but I guess I lucked out and was able to hold him off. In the qualifying heat I was taken out in the second lap, so it wasn’t all that great, but in the main it all came together for me. I would like to thank my Dad and my brother.”     

“I had a good time,” said Chris Giesholt second in the 125C2. “I didn’t fall off or get hurt. It’s kind’ a tough riding the last race of the night, by then the track is usually getting pretty rough. Mostly I would like to thank my Mom and Dad”

“I just got this bike this week and I’m still getting used to it,” said Mike Goskusky third in the 125 C2.

The next Megacross Shootout round 4, is June 12, 2004.



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Robert Loire from Salem WI rode the 125A and 250A

Ross Martin smooth and smoother, aced the 125A and 250A


L/R Brandon Pope, "Madd Maxx" Malatia,


Robert Motsinger 3rd 30A


Start 125A


Start 25A


Quad B winner Martin Richied



#925 Steve Howell leading the 4/strokes


Roy Nafzger 1st 40 and 4th in 30A


Tom Jungles aced the 50 Juniors


Baily Schultz was 7th in the 50cc Senior

Nick Mardis won Quad A


Jeremy Beetz 2nd Quad A


"Madd Maxx" Malatia aced 65cc and 85Junior


#763 Barney Lavens and Tad Tyrrell