Megacross rd 5


Martin, Molitor, Modjewski


Illinois Stadium Championship

Mendota, Illinois July 10, 2004

By Merle Acord

Podium interviews Bill Holt



 true champion should beat the best, and those that excelled in Stadiumcross racing, three hundred or so in numbers from all over the Midwest, signed on for round 5 of the Megacross Shootout Series that hosted a night of full gates, high speed cornering, heart stopping jumps, plus awarding class winners the right to list, with pride, Stadium Cross Champion on their resumes. Promoter Gerhard Ward, after a week of soaking rain, flew in the face of the weather people; they were predicting more rain for the weekend, gathered his crew and did what was necessary, which was a lot, and squeezed in, between the rain drops, an exciting night of championship racing. There’s more than one way to be a champion, a knuckle to the duck-bill for Mr. Ward.

“I had a little bit of cushion in the 125A class,” said dual class winner (125/250) Ross Martin of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. “But in this class he (Brad Modjewski) was right there all the way. My bike is running good thanks to me. I’m my own mechanic. I was doing the double right after the bowl turn out back and Brad wasn’t. There were a couple of times I thought he might slam me and that would have been a bad crash. I was able to pick up a few bike lengths there which was just enough to get me first through the bowl turn after the straight. That is a bad corner, blink once and you’re stuffed. I would like to thank EVS, Clicks and Pics, 4/play Racing, Williams Motor Works.”

“How did you do in Michigan at the National last week,” asked Bill Holt.

“I qualified for the Main,” then finished 32nd  and 28th. “It’s a humbling experience. I’m happy to be back in Mendota. That was my first National and I need some work.”

“I didn’t get the best of holeshots,” said 250A third place winner Kody Molitor. “I think I was about third or fourth out of the gate, but I want to tell you these guy were flying up front. I was happy that I could keep up with them in the 125 class but I think they ride the 250s a little bit better and I couldn’t keep up with them. I think I need to practice a little more on the 250.”

“I can’t say enough about the holeshot,” said Kody Molitor after placing third in the 125A. “Martin got around me somewhere in the first lap and Brad Modjewski was all over me but it’s getting a little slick out there and I was able to capitalize on that and hold him off. Brad has been riding the Nationals this season and he’s in much better shape than I am and I was glad that it only a seven lap race and I was able to hold onto third place. I couldn’t do this with- out my mechanic and good friend Jake Favor. He’s there every night to help me train and what ever needs to be done. I couldn’t do it without him. I’d like to thank all my new sponsors, Tuf Racing, SoCal DeCal, my girlfriend and my family they are all behind me 100%.”

          “I was just checking out the track in the first lap, making sure it was the way I wanted it to be,” said Illinois State 4-Wheel A Champion Chad Wienen of Galena, Illinois. “The rains caused it to rut up in a couple of the corners, but it didn’t bother us that much and the bikes will like it. In the heat I was just taking it easy because we were just running for position and actually you can pull a holeshot from any where on that gate. So I just ran the pace everyone else was running and then I just turned it up in the main. I would like to thank Baldwin Motor Sports, Wiesco Piston, EVS, Tag Metal, and Scott Goggles.”

          Brian Babler of Rock City, Illinois aced the 4wheel B class with James Reid second. “I’m happy with a third place,” said Clint Biddle from Maple Park, Illinois. “I’m finally riding something that is competitive with the four strokes.”

          Mason Flatness from Seneca, Illinois won the 50 senior third place honors and then entertained the stands with his own rendition of “i-Robot” the latest in dance fads. “I rode hard and that was my celebration dance,” said Mason. “I want to thank, Pro Source and Mom and Dad. (Wonder why he left out Arthur Murray?)

          Taylor McLaughlin not only won the 50 junior crown but had track announcer “The Ole Redhead”, Bill Holt all smiles when he took off his helmet on the podium and displayed a full head of red hair. “No wonder you were so fast,” quipped Holt. “Do you have anyone that you would like to thank?”

          “Yes,” said Taylor. “Brenny’s, Mom and Dad and Eddy. ”

Tom Jungles took a second in the 50 junior class and said, “This is supposed to be fun and I had a lot of fun tonight. I like this track. I want to thank

          Third place 50 junior winner Connor Dahms said, “I know the bike looks good but what I like about it is that it goes fast. I want to thank Mom and Dad.”

          Wisconsin’s own, Eron Ezerins won the +25 class and said, “The track is in great condition and I had a good time out there. The moisture is starting to come up and that has to be factored into the race strategy. The pits are fine but the mosquitoes at the starting line are really bothersome. I’m not out there toying with anyone; no banging or bumping in the corners, I just ride hard and try to have a good time. I’m here for the long term and keeping the smiles rolling. I would like to thank Lake Country Power Sports, Team, and Silkolene.”

“Barney Lavens” from Oglesby, Illinois was second in the +25class behind Eron Ezerins and said, “This Pro Source Suzuki is quick off the starts and also through the corners, for sure. Eron is always tough, and he keeps smiling; I don’t know if he playing with me or just has more under the hood. I want to thank Troy Lee, Spy, Pro Circuit, and Universal.”

          “The track is slicking up a little bit, but at least it isn’t dusty,” said third place +25 Kawasaki rider Don Harms. I want to thank Berrelli Suspension, my wife Ellyn and DeKalb Mechanical.”

          “Madd Maxx” Malatia and Barney won the 65cc championship: Madd Maxx rode the KTM and a rag doll replica of Barney from the TV show the Flintstones was firmly affixed to the back of his chest protector. I’m in the 85 junior too, but no promises that I’ll win it. I’m getting help from DGY, and Mom and Dad.” 

“I tried to catch him,” said Tyler Sarver second place 65cc winner out of Loves Park, Illinois, but he was too fast. I would like to thank Pro Cal De Cal, Tag Medals, Spy Goggles, and PEK Performance Engineering.”

          “There are a lot of fast guys out there tonight,” said third place 65cc winner Taylor Dahms. “It was tough to keep up. I want to thank Mom and Dad.”

Harvey Bushby from Channahon, Illinois on a Kawasaki won the 65cc junior, and said, “I didn’t fall down, the bike didn’t break and nobody ran into me so I really did have fun. My dad takes real good care of my bike and Mom helps him. I surprised myself, I never figured I’d be a state champion.”

“I hope I’m going to get faster,” said Bryce Ivey second 65cc junior. I would like to thank Red Line Oil and Mom and Dad.”

          “I was fortunate to get out in front of these guys and pull a little distance,” said 4/stroke champion Kody Molitor. “The shoulder I injured is holding together real well. I had surgery on it and everything seems to be working just fine. “I want to thank my mechanic Jake, not only does he keep my bike in shape but he gets right out there hollering at those guys to stay behind me. Usually they don’t pay any attention to him, Jake said tonight was different. My new sponsor is Tuf Racing, SoCal DeCal, and my family, they are all behind me and that is a good feeling.”

“The track is tacky and you can hook up everywhere,” said second place 4/stroke rider Kevin Markwardt on a Freeport Suzuki. “This machine is bone stock and I don’t get too many holeshots in fact I’m trying my hardest just to keep up. I would like to thank Clicks and Pics, Suzuki of Northern Illinois, WD 40 and Scott Goggles.”

“It feels good to be a state champ,” said James Garrett. “I didn’t get the holeshot but I rode hard and was able to get into the lead. I want to thank Renthal, Pro Grip and Mom and Dad.

“I was close,” said Wyatt Hall second in the 14-24 class, “but he didn’t make any mistakes. The track was okay, but it is getting a little slick. I’m getting some help from Pro Source and Mom and Dad.”

85 senior rider Jacob Kenyon was in the top three when they hit the left hand sweeper at the end of the starting chute but Jake took over the lead in the first set of whoops and kept extending his lead down to the checkers.

“Jake is really fast and I just couldn’t pass him,” said Kyle White, second in the 85 senior class. I’m getting help from FHK, Mom and Dad and my older brother Brian, he takes me riding and stuff.”

“This 80 has more power and is easier to ride than the sixty,” said Madd Maxx Malatia 85cc winner. “It gets a little more air on the jumps and I like that. It’s a little slick in some corners but I like it. I’ve only raced this Honda a few times and I was surprised that I was able to beat everyone here tonight. I want to thank MCC, DGY and Mom and Dad.”

Steven Page, second in the 85 junior took the holeshot but couldn’t hold off Madd Maxx. “I went high in that bowl turn and tried to take his line away, but he was able to go low and make the pass. I tried as hard as I could. I want to thank mostly Mom and Dad.” Levi Kipp turned in a good solid ride for third in the 85 junior

 “I was happy to get a break at the start,” said Eron Ezerins picking up his second class win with an ace in the 30A class. Barney had the holeshot but on the first jump he slid out just a little bit and that was all I needed to make the pass and take the lead. It’s a lot easier when you’re out front. They run a great program here and I’m proud to be a two time state Champion. It looks good with my sponsors, right now I’m running on skins for tires, I hope that this will get me a new set of tires.”

“I got a terrible start in this race,” said third place 30A rider Roy Nafzger from Juda, Wisconsin up on a FHK Honda. “You can’t beat those guys with a bad start. Sometimes not even with a good start. Then I had a little trouble getting around Dean Sheldon, he held me up, but that’s racing. I would have done the same to him if it was necessary. I don’t feel bad a third in this class and a win in the plus 40, I had a good night. I would like to thank Freeport Honda Kawasaki.

“I’m still smiling but I’m still sweating too,” said 125B Champ Derik Kostellic from Oglesby, Illinois. “The track is really getting tacky but you have to be careful because it is also slick in spots. I knew Mellott was coming after me but I guess he slid out more than I did. I would like to thank Mom and Dad.”

“I got the holeshot but Derik got around and then when I was coming up on him I made a mistake and he would get away,” said second 125B winner Matt Mellott, who lives just down the street in Mendota. “He didn’t make any mistakes. Anybody can be fast, I just have to get smooth. I want to thank No Limit Racing, Berrelli Suspension, and Mom and Dad.

“I was spinning a lot,” said third place 125B winner James Garrett, “I think I may need a new tire. We had a good race I just didn’t get around.

 “I had a good holeshot and then held the pace, and didn’t make many mistakes,” said 250B winner Jason Donegan of Mt. Morris, Illinois up on a Yamaha. I want to thank No Fear, Scott, Twin Air and good old Mom and Dad.”

“I held him off for a long time but he finally got by,” said third place 250B winner Jesse Keith from Ottawa, Illinois. “Even then he didn’t pull away, and I closed in the whoops here, but I couldn’t make the pass. I want to thank Fox Valley Off Road, Riders Choice and my family.”

“I made a couple of mistakes, but I made them at the right time and no one got a round me,” said 125C class winner Kris Bracken of Rockford, Illinois.

Second place 125C winner said, “I didn’t fall down, but I came close a couple of times. It was a little slick out there but still a lot of fun. I want to thank my Dad for all his work to make this possible.”

“I had a last place start,” said third place 125 C winner Jonathon Osborn of Monroe, Illinois. “I stalled my bike in the gate. I was hoping for something a little better but that’s racing, I’ll just have to go at it again tomorrow. I would like to thank Monroe Honda and Mom and Dad.”


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Eron Ezerins +25 and 30A Champ

Ross Martin Champ 125A and 250A

James Garrett Champ 14-24.

Barney Lavens 2nd +25, +30A

Harvey Bushby Champ 65 beginners

Bryce Ivey Champ 65 beginners

Cody Molitor Champ 4/S

Kevin Markwardt 2nd 4/S

Wyatt Hall
2nd 14-24

"Madd Maxx" Malatia, Champ 85 jr, and 65cc

Steve Page 2nd 85 jr

Levi Kipp 3rd 85 jr

Roy Nafzger Champ 40, and 3rd in +25

Derik Kostellic Champ 125B

Chris Cox 250C Champ

Jason Donegan Champ 250B

Jesse Keith 3rd 250B

Kris Bracken Champ 125C

Ryan Hagen 2nd 125Cs