Megacross Shootout Series rd 7


Martin, Beetz, Lavens, Malatia rip Mendota


Megacross Shootout Series rd7

Tri-county Fair Grounds, Mendota 8-7-04

By Merle Acord



his track has been real good to me,” said Ross Martin from Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin after a clean sweep in the 125A and 250A classes, Megacross Shootout Series round 7 at the Tri-County Fairgrounds in Mendota, Illinois. “I’m just trying to stay smooth and put it all together. Every track is different and you have to get used to them and night racing is just one more factor to take into account. I would like to thank Four Play Racing, EVS and Red Line Cycle, please try to get Red Line in there they didn’t make it last time, and also all those I forgot.” 

“I have no complaints,” said second place 250A rider Kody Molitor. “Ross is riding real good and just flying everywhere, I’m trying to stay with him but it’s tough. It’s getting slick, as it usually does at night, but Ross is hooking up so good, it’s almost unbelievable. He is riding flawless. I’ve got to work on a few things and come back and try it again.”

“It wasn’t too bad a ride since I started last and finished third,” said Matt Maier third in the 250A class. “To beat these guys, you have to start out front with them, make no mistakes, and nail every corner every lap; Cause that’s what they do.”

Suzuki rider Matt Maier also turned in a solid third in the 125A class, “I was hooking up good and trying to be throttle smart coming out of the corners, I was feeling good and not making too many mistakes. I made a few but that’s expected.” said Matt. I would like to thank Lake County Power Sports, Motorsports Factory, Lou Fowler Suspension.”

“I tried to stick right on Martin all the way, but I just couldn’t run his pace. It is getting a little slippery out there,” said 125A second place main winner Kody Molitor. “I misread the white flag for the checkers and I started to slow down but when Matt started catching me I realized the mistake and picked it back up. I was lucky because it didn’t make any difference in the finish. I can’t thank Tuf Racing enough, or Jake Favor my mechanic, he has been helping me out a ton, and UFO. There’s no way I could be doing all this without them and I do appreciate it.”

“In these stadium tracks, the holeshot is 90% of the race,” said quad A winner Jeremey Beetz. “I’ve got a brand new machine, an Artic Cat, and I’m just getting it dialed in. This is the best I’ve felt on it so far. I got a new machine from Artic Cat direct and B&M Artic Cut uptown, also thanks to Four Play Racing, EVS, and Fox.

Zack Baker third in the quad A said, “Clint Biddle usually beats me, but he got a little squirrelly tonight and gave it to me. But that is all right we’re just out here to have fun. I would like to thank Tag, and Mom and Dad.”

          Adam Warren broke his chain in the heat race but roared back in the main for a second place finish in the quad A class. “I gave Jeremy Beetz a hole shot and that is always a mistake. I was hoping I could catch him but I’ll have to wait until next time. He is fast. I would like to thank Motorsport Factory and my family for being out here and cheering me on.”

          “I messed up the heat race, and killed my motor a couple of times, but in the Main I got the holeshot and was able to hold it,” said quad B winner Travis Jones. “I had to keep an eye out for Marty (Richied) you don’t want to give that guy a shot. I would like to thank F&S Racing, Four Play Racing, RMC, and my family.”

“Next time, maybe,” said second place winner quad B rider Marty Richied. “I was in there but I just couldn’t catch him. He was riding real good. I would like to thank J&J Sports.”

          Brandon Bracken aced the heat and the main in the quad C1 class and was turning lap times equal to the A class’ times. “I’m looking forward to next year, and moving up,” said a smiling Brandon when told how fast he was cutting lap times. I’ve GH Racing, and Full Throttle helping me out, FHK, and Mom and Dad.”

          “It’s been a long time coming,” said quad C2 winner Nick Grommes. “This is my first win and I like it. The track is beautiful, nice and flat. Gerhard does a great job of taking care of the track. There are quite a few of us getting out here now. There were two gate drops in the C class. I would like to thank Rusty Ott over at Pro Source and Mom and Dad.”

          “This was the best ride I’ve ever put in,” said Rich Schroeder. “We got a little mixed up down here at the end I thought for a while there that I had won it. Not so, but I’m happy with second; That is the best I’ve ever finished. Riding those high berms is a blast. I want to thank Fox Valley Cycle, and all the other people that help get me up here.”

          Mason Flatness was fifth in the heat race, but took the holeshot in the main and went all the way. “I had a good time and had lots of fun said the 50 senior winner. Cole Nelson and Cody Williams were second and third.

The man to beat in the 50 junior class was Taylor McLaughlin. Taylor won both the heat race and the main. Second place winner Tim Jungles went 2-2 and Colton Cox rode a KTM to a third place win.

“Gary Berrelli, down at Meridian Street Motorsports has got my suspension working awesome,” said +25 winner Burton “Barney” Lavens. “Without him I wouldn’t be pulling these holeshots like I am, and you have to be willing to go into the corner when the bike gets you there. The plan is sweep the age classes tonight.”

The smiling Larry Banks, respectfully known as “Rev” with the fitting riding number 3:18, aced the 40 plus class and said, “We are having a great time out there racing together. I just want to thank the Lord for being with me here tonight and my son. Also thanks to DeCal Works, Scott Goggles, DGY and Sports International. I have come to appreciate what Ward is doing here, he provides a great track for the pro guys but also for the rest of us. I can’t say enough about his good work.”

“My dad bought me this new helmet for making it to Tennessee,” said “Madd” Maxx Malatia who won the 65cc class going away. “I learned how to ride 23 minute motos down there. I rode three motos and finished fifteenth overall.”

“I had the holeshot but went down in the first corner and Maxx went right around me,” said Tyler Sarver second in the 65cc main. “A little luck goes a long way in racing, but I’m still having fun. I would like to thank Hammertime, Tag Medals, and Mom and Dad.”

Rick Nichol third in the 65cc main said, “It was a lot of fun tonight even if those guys were hard to catch. I would like to run a few more laps. I want to thank Tuf Racing and Mom and Dad.”

          “I had the holeshot and got out front early,” said 65 beginner’s class main winner Dakota Cox. “The big air is awesome over the jumps. I like it. The whole family is helping me out.”

“You can’t give a guy like Dakota Cox that much room because that makes it too hard to catch up,” said Cody Williams second in the 65 beginners class. “The track is really nice tonight. I am getting all of my help from my Dad.” Mike Cingrani filled out the third place slot.

          “My confidence and endurance have improved a lot now that I’m able to ride each week,” said Kody Molitor 4-Stroke winner. “I just came back from Loretta’s and I feel pretty good about my rides down there even though I didn’t finish all that well. You have to be on the gas and a little lucky or those forty rider gates will eat you up. I would like to thank Tuf Racing, UFO, Decal Works and I really appreciate what they are doing for me.”

“Kody is riding pretty smooth and he’s on that big 450 Honda,” said Matt Maier second in the 4-stroke class. “I wasn’t that unhappy with my second place start in the main and I knew when Kody got that far out in front so early that I would have trouble catching him. I would like to thank Motorsports Factory, Lake County Power Sports, and Lou Fowler for the suspension.”

“It’s a little hot out there and I definitely worked up a sweat,” said third place winner 14-24 rider Wyatt Hall. I would like to thank Mom and Dad, Pro Source and Grandma and Grandpa.”

“I’m getting back into it again,” said 85 senior rider Adam Tarara. “I’ve been able to get some holeshots and that is very important in stadium cross. I like being out front especially at the start; You can choose your own lines maybe even pull away a little. I would like to thank Tuf Racing, Thor, Alpine Star, Smith, UFO and Mom and Dad.”

“I’ve got to get better starts,” said second place 85 senior rider Dustin Baker. “I’m just giving them too much of an advantage. I want to thank Naperville Suzuki and Mom and Dad.”

Kyle White, third in the 85 seniors said, “We just put in a new clutch and it isn’t working quite right. Makes it hard to drive out of the corners. I would like to thank Mom and Dad and FHK Racing.”

“The plan was to win both class,” said 85 junior winner “Madd” Maxx Malatia. “I’m not too good at holeshots but I can pass people. I’ve got to work on my starts. I’m getting some help from MCC and Mom and Dad.” Tyler Server had the holeshot but could hold off Maxx and finished second.

Levi Kipp carded a deuce in the heat race but fell off to third in the main. “I’m getting some help from Thor Factory Effects, Alpine Star and Grandma and Grandpa.”

Keir Hicks with a smile a yard wide picked up a third in the 30B class and said, “I had a fun time, it’s always a fun time when you stay on two wheels. I want to thank my family for all of their support.”

Troy Pokoj, second place 30B, taking a cue from Hicks, wore a smile on his trip to the podium. “This is awesome, Mendota is the best track in the area. We have to get together every couple of weeks and have a reunion. This is what motocross is all about. I want to thank Checkered Body Auto Body, Tyrrell Suspension and a few that I’ve forgot.”


Keir Sexton 30B winner said, “These guys don’t seem to mind getting beat and I don’t mind beating them. I feel great, I worked up a sweat and maybe got rid of a little fat. I would like to thank DeCal Works Universal, Meridian Street Motorworks, and the day job.”

“I got the holeshot and was able to get out pretty quick,” said Jason Donegan 125 B winner. “The track got a little slick, but that is expected in night racing. I really didn’t have any trouble, made a few mistakes but that too is expected. I would like to thank No Fear, Scott, DeCal Works and Twin Air, and Mom and Dad.”

“I haven’t been riding for a while, and I got a little tired out there,” said third place winner 125B rider Jetti Pifer. “My arms got a little pumped. This track doesn’t have too many straights and it takes it out of you pretty quick. I’m getting some help from Mom and Dad.”

Second place 125B rider Matt Mellott from Mendota, Illinois said, “I feel like I earned this second place, I had a bad start and had to work my way thru the pack. I got’ a work on those starts.”

“I had the holeshot,” said 250C winner Bill Chrisos, “But they were pushing me pretty hard. Luckily, I was able to keep my head and take the win. I would like to thank MSR and Mom and Dad.”

“Did I have fun? Not really. I had a horrible start and then I fell,” said third 250B ride Jeremy Gauer. “I’m still smiling because I got a third and that’s not too bad when you add up all the mistakes I made. I want to thank Fox Valley Cycle, DeCal Works, and my family.”

“I’m trying to give these guys a little better race, at least they aren’t getting away from me like they used to,” said 250 second place winner Jesse Keith. I’m getting some help from Fox Valley Off Road, and Rider’s Choice.”

“I can’t complain when I’m winning and I won twice tonight,” said 250B winner Jason Donegan. “I’m getting some help from No Fear, FMS and Mom and Dad.”

“It was a blast,” said 250C third place winner Mike Goskusky, “Too many video games this week is why I’m breathing so hard. I got’ a quit that.”

“I’m doing my best out there,” said second place 250C rider Justin Baker.”

“Kris Bracken with the holeshot got out in front in the 250C, and banged around a little, but never fell and finished first while having a good time doing it. I’m getting some help from DAC Racing in Northern Illinois, and my parents.”



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Justin Kelly rode three class and finished in the top five.


Tad Tyrrell finished 5th in the 125A and 250A, getting faster each week


Tim Filippi had a pair of seconds in the 30A and 25A


Ross Martin color coded with the corner barrells, aced the 125A and 250A


Jeremy Beetz has a new Artic Cat ride and is liking it. Aced the A class


Quads, anxious on the practice line. Turn outs are getting large


#356 Jetti Pifer 1st in the 14-24 class


#139 Nick Manning looking good over the jumps outback


#196 Tyler Knowlton and Derik Kostellic engage in a little air to air maneuvering


#260 Gordon Kaskin  leads the minis out of the first bowl turn in practice


Adam Tarara 1st in the 85 seniors and 6th in the 125B, scoffs at rear wheel wheelies, heck, anyone can do those


#260 Gordon Kaskin and Ryan  Howerton had their own race in the middle of the pack


A determined Jakub Baker carded a 4th in the 85 juniors


Chris Antolak picked up a 4th in the 85 senior


Ross Martin showing Derik Kostellic the fast way around the barrels in practice


It's great to be an American
photo taken at Mt Carroll