MegaX Shoot Out Round 5

The streak continues Martin aces 125As, 250As

Mendota, IL 6-11-2005

By Merle Acord


ost promoter’s work hard, but the trick is to work hard and work smart: Gerhard Ward District 17 Motocross Director has got the drill down; Couple of things he adheres to; listen to the riders, they’ll tell you what’s wrong and like the man said, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Riders get bored pretty quickly, so you constantly have to make changes. I give a bowl turn a new look, rebuild a tabletop jump, but I’m very careful about changing the track layout. What we have works and it would be foolish to make major changes just to be making changes

“I think I’m getting back to my normal self,” said Ross Martin after winning the prestigious 250A class, his second A class of the evening. “I’ve been riding snowmobiles all winter. Yeah I know, they both have motors, so what’s the big deal? Okay, but that is where the similarity ends. It’s good to be back and on two wheels.”

“I’ve been pushing so hard trying to catch Ross that I made a few mistakes,” said second place 250A rider Kody Molitor. I went over a berm and almost ate it pretty hard, but was lucky that I stayed up and was able to come back in second. I was pushing just a little too hard because I wanted to win. I can’t thank the guys enough that are helping me out at Pro Source Motor sports, 4/Play Racing, SoCal DeCal and all of my family.”

John Dehn from Dayton, Minnesota took a solid third and commented, “This is our first time down here and was surprised that the track was so technical. We have so much sand up North and the riding styles are so much different.

Brandon Bracken, main winner, eased off the line in the 4-wheel B class in about fifth place but all of that would change. “I think the heat got to me and I went a little crazy,” said Brandon “ These guy make it hard to win.”

“I had a good time and worked up a sweat,” said Andy Schmitt third place winner in the 250 B 4/wheels “I’m almost forty and most of these guys are twenty. It does make a difference.”

“I had it for a little while,” said second place finisher Nick Hollars after grabbing the holeshot in the 250 B 4/wheel class and running out front in the early laps. “But I couldn’t hold him off.”

“It gets you all fired up when someone takes the front-end out,” said 125A main winner Ross Martin after a collision in the first corner of the heat race put him on the ground and a lap down. “I’m looking forward to the 250A, I still got the fire in me. I would like to thank Ace Power sports, 4/Play Racing, Ply, Williams Motor works and my Dad. My brother Dylan, who has been off with an injury, came with me tonight and he has been helping me out a lot with putting my bike back together after I crashed. He’ll be back riding in a week or so.”

“My starts are getting so bad,” said second place 125A rider Kody Molitor, “That they will be naming bad start’s after me, and if that isn’t enough I fell down with Ty Tyrrell in the first lap. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to make up that much ground and finish second, but they were crashing all over the place and I just settled down and rode my own race. I would like to thank Pro Source Motosports, 4/Play Racing, and all my friends and family for supporting me.”

 “I didn’t have any brakes for the last two laps,” said third place 125A rider, Kevin Markwardt. “Then I got off into the banners and tried to hang myself, but really Kody (Molitor) and Ross (Martin) are both having awesome rides tonight. I can’t say enough about the way these guys are riding tonight. I would like to thank UFO, No Fear, Scott Goggles and 4/Play Racing.”

 “I got caught in about fifth place off the line and had to work my way back thru the pack,” said 4-wheel C winner James Shaw. “I’ve got to work hard at this and move up to A so I can make some money.”

“I got the hole shot,” said main winner Chad West, in the 50 senior class, “And I was able to hold on to it.”

Damon Quest, third in the 50 senior class, was putting on a good show for his Mom who isn’t able to make all of his races but was here tonight.

“We had a lot of fun out there,” said Jackson Jeffery 50 junior winner, “ But it would be more fun if Dad could get this thing to go a little faster.”

 “I gave him a big lead when I slid out on the table top,” Said Mason Flatness, second in the 65 junior class. “I tried to catch but I couldn’t.

Dillon Schacht brought his whole racing team with him to watch and cheer him on as he picked up the win in the 65 junior class.

Patty Ward celebrated her birthday at the track tonight. There weren’t any candles on her birthday cake to give away her age but it didn’t matter, her son Travis, second place winner in the 65beginners class, didn’t know it was a breach of etiquette to disclose a ladies age from the podium over the PA system. With that kind of cunning Travis is destined to work for the Secret Service later in life. Zachary Sawko took the class win.

“Second isn’t too bad I guess,” said “Barney” Lavens who has been a consistent winner in the 25+class. “It is really slippery out there tonight and Wesley (Parker) is riding real good and you can’t give him that kind of an advantage. In the 250A heat race I went down and I think I broke one of my toes. But when the race starts there are other things to think about and it doesn’t bother me too much. I would like to thank Meridian Street Motosports right here in Mendota, Pro Source, Pro Circuit and 661.

“I wasn’t trying to run away with anything,” said Jacob Kelsey winner in the 85 senior class. “I was just trying to stay ahead of Broc (Pagni). “It just worked out that way.”

“I had a bad start,” said Pagni “I was just trying to catch up. You can’t give Jake too big a lead or you can’t catch him. I would like to thank 4/Play Racing and Mom and Dad.”

Robbie Hyson with two solid wins, the 85 junior and 65senior. Chris West, second place winner in the 85 juniors, understands the fundamentals when he said he would have to get a little faster before he beat Robbie.

“There was a big pile up in the first corner on the start,” said 14*24 winner Justin Baker, “And I just went around everybody and hung in there. I would like to thank 4/Play Racing, and Mom and Dad.”

Second place winner in the four strokes Kevin Markwardt said, “I went down at the start and spent the race chasing Kelly.  We had a good one going at the end but I couldn’t get around. I was charging as hard as I could but Kelly was riding good tonight. I would like to thank 4/Play Racing, and Mom and my Stepdad.”

“I just wished I would have had a better start,” Justin Kelly overall winner in the four stroke. Kevin and I had a good battle but a good start would have made it a lot easier. I would like to thank Pro Source Suzuki, and Rusty Ott, 4/Play Racing, UFO and Mom and Dad.”

It was bound to happen: BriAnn Stiles, second in the main and working on a string of aces, had a bad night. “I was taken out on the first turn and there wasn’t a chance of making it up. My elbow kind of hurts from the fall but it’s ok and I’m all fired up for the next time. I would like to thank MSR, and Mom and Dad.”

Theresa Lanute turned in a solid third for her place on the podium and said, “There was a lot of action out there, but I could only watch what was in front of me. I would like to thank my Mom and Dad and the crew at Fox Valley Riding Park.”

            “It’s about time I won one,” said a beaming Nikki Duranczyk. “I’ve been here five times and this is my first win. I couldn’t keep up with BriAnn in the heat race but I got a hole shot in the main, the first ever here I think, and it made a big difference. I think that Bri had some trouble too. It’s a tight track and everyone wants the same lines so mistakes happen a lot. I would like to thank Answer Racing,, Works Connections and Pro Taper. We’ve had a lot of new girls come out, I think there were seven here tonight. That’s good; come on out there are a lot of races left.”

            “I got a bad start,” said third place 125B rider Adam Tarara. “They were riding good, but with a better start I think I could have been right up there with them. This four stroke has a lot more motor than I’m used too and it’s taking a little getting used to. I would like to thank UFO, Tuf Racing and Mom and Dad.”

“They had a fumble over there and I was lucky to get around them,” said 125B winner Charles Harpe. “I was riding good tonight, and the track was perfect. I love it. I would like to thank Moose Racing and Mom and Dad. Dad is a Postal and works on Saturday but he was able to get off early and watch me ride. I like that.”

Steve Perkin warmed up with a second in the 25B class then weathered the good natured jeers from his fans telling him he would go straight from “C” to “A” after he had won the 250C class.   Nick from Pro Source is working on my bike because I don’t how to do anything on these four strokes, also like to thank EVS knee braces, Smith Goggles, M2R Helmets and my ex-wife for telling me that I couldn’t do this.”

Charley Harpe on a roll picked up his second win, an ace in the 250B class and Kyle Bracken second place got some valuable experience, “We just came back from Red Bud and everything is wide open up there while down here it’s very technical and I was over shooting all the corners, some by as much as two bike lengths, so I had to tone it down a little. Takes some getting use to. I would like to thank Suzuki of Northern Illinois they are helping a lot.”

“I fell down and still won,” said 125C winner Brendan Parks. “You got to build a big lead to win like that and that is exactly what I did.”

 “I don’t know for sure what happened, Brendan” (Parks) fell down, and then I got hit, and spent some time getting going again,” said Nick Cadenia third place 125C winner. “It was sort of a comedy of errors, but who’s laughing.”




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