Twelve in a Row for Martin at Megacross


Megacross Shootout Series

Mendota, IL – July 22nd, 2006

By Nikki Dixon

 Over 300 entrants packed into the Tri-County Fairgrounds for another exciting round of the Megacross Shootout Series. Rain has been the norm for 2006, and this weekend was no exception. The track received a complimentary rain soaking on Friday, the day before the race, with the track working up perfect with the added moisture. Riders also received a break from the hot summer temperatures, as sweatshirts and jackets were seen around the pits. Hard to believe there are only three rounds left this season, where did the summer go?

 Ross Martin, the Four-Play Racing Ace Motorsports Suzuki pilot from Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, is a dominating force in the stacked Megacross Expert classes. Coming into the night, Martin had put together nine Megacross main event wins in a row, and was looking to add three more. The fans lined the fences for the Expert races, wondering if his streak would continue, while his competition lined the starting gate, wondering when his streak will end. Martin answered competition and fans by topping 125A, 250A, and Four-Stroke, bringing his current Megacross win streak to an impressive twelve wins in a row.

 The holeshot master Martin beat the thirteen-rider 250A class to the first turn, with Justin Kelly, Kevin Markwardt, Jason Donegan, and Greg Hochmuth in tow. Martin stayed low over the jumps and attacked the turns to set a blistering pace, while several battles shaped up behind him. Markwardt worked second place Kelly for several laps, finally making a pass stick on lap four. Hochmuch took a position from Donegan after a few laps, and Justin Baker and Michael Hall were also in the mix. Derek Whitney picked off riders one by one to move past Donegan on the last lap for a top five finish. Martin took the checkers, trailed by Markwardt, Kelly, Hochmuch, and Whitney.

 In 125A, it was none other than Martin with the holeshot, chased by Markwardt and Whitney. Whitney quickly moved to second, and ran Martin’s pace for the opening laps, followed by Markwardt, Hochmuch, and Kelly. After a few laps, Martin opened up a small lead over Whitney, while Markwardt and Hochmuch mixed it up for third. Markwardt went off the track as he missed a berm on lap five, with Hochmuch taking over third. Markwardt regathered before Kelly had a chance to strike. Martin carded the win, with Whitney, Hochmuch, Markwardt, and Kelly wrapping up the top five.

 50 Junior ace Chase Sexton (pictured) is one of the few locals qualified for the Loretta Lynn Amateur Motocross Nationals (note: Sexton is in 10th at Nationals after the first moto of three!), and he has been tearing up the track all season. Sexton picked up the 50 Junior holeshot, followed by Dylan Boyd, Tanner Chada, Tomas Aubone, and Anthony Wallace. Sexton checked out, while Chada passed Boyd for second early in the race. Boyd and Aubone were running side-by-side on the last lap, fighting for the final podium spot, with Boyd getting the edge. At the checkers, Sexton carded a big win, followed by Chada, Boyd, Aubone, and Jackson Jeffery.

 Jacob Wehn was the early leader in 50 Senior, followed by Jordan Cram and Tyler Scott. Wehn and Cram battled for the lead, as they pulled away from the rest of the field. Behind them, Scott and RJ Mackenzie swapped positions fighting for the third spot. Wehn held off Cram the entire race, but Cram didn't give up, and gassed it in the last turn. It was a photo finish across the checkers, with Cram getting scored for the win. Wehn finished second, with Scott edging out Mackenzie by a bike length for third.

 In 125B, Brad Fabrizius, Bryce Jacobs, and Jacob Kenyon went three-wide around the first turn. Fabrizius stayed on the gas to take the lead. Kyle White was on the move, as he passed up to second on lap one. Fabrizius inched away from the pack, while White, Kenyon, Broc Pagni, and Mike Chrisos had a close race for second. Fabrizius carded the win, and White protected his line to hold off Kenyon’s steady pressure to the finish.  

Wyatt Hall collected the 250B holeshot, followed by Tyler Knowlton on a borrowed bike. Knowlton went down in the second turn creating a pileup, advancing Nick Manning, Jesse Keith, Matt Entwistle, and Ryan Smith into the top five behind Hall. Knowlton and Aaron Hart were on the move after bad starts, both cracking the top five by lap four. Hall kept out front, while the top five mixed it up behind him until the checkers. As they crossed the finish, it was Hall, Manning, Knowlton, Keith, and Hart.

 Daniel Sanders sailed to the holeshot in 85 Senior, with Maxx Malatia, Robbie Hyson, and Durk Roper in tow. Malatia was all over Sanders, as the two were running a blistering pace. Hyson was running a solid third, while Roper and Reese Miller battled for the fourth position. On lap three, Sanders bobbled in a turn after the small whoops section, and Malatia took over the lead. One lap later, Sanders regained the lead in the same turn. Sanders sprinted to the checkers for the win, with Malatia, Hyson, Miller, and Roper completing the top five. 

In +25B, Jesse Keith had the early lead, followed by Jim Lyon and James Wehrman. Keith and Lyon were evenly matched the whole race, while Wehrman, Troy Quest, and Todd Heermann mixed it up for third. Lyon passed Keith late in the race to take the win, trailed by Keith, Wehrman, Heermann, and Quest. 

Mike Hilgart started out front in Quad A, and after the second turn, Justin Medine went off the side of a tabletop and found some water on the side of the track. Leader Hilgart was closely chased by Jeremy Beetz and Stephen Schenk in the opening laps, with Beetz keeping the pressure on Hilgart the whole race. Beetz was trying to make a move and take inside lines to make something happen on the tight stadium-sytle track. Finally, with a half a lap to go, Beetz found room to take the lead, and at the checkers, Beetz was the winner followed by Hilgart and Schenk.

 Billy Garkey picked up the holeshot in the eleven-rider Quad C class, trailed by Kyle White, Christopher Hyle, Jaden Landwehr, and Derick Skaggs. Skaggs then stalled out on a jump, while leader Garkey was trying to distance himself from the pack. Landwehr was on the move, as he picked off Hyle and White. At the finish, Garkey, Landwehr, and White rounded out the top three.