Located here is the fastest way for you the rider to sign up any event.  Our forms are editable, which means you can type in all the information, print it out and when you get to sign up you are ready.  Sign it at the window, turn it in, and your ready.
We race many events with this process, so we fill out all the events in that series, print them and put the folder in the truck.  Now you are set for the season.  Clean typed forms.
You can sign up for  AMA membership, along with District 17 membership.
Annual release forms, minor release forms, guardian transfer forms. etc.  You will need Adobe reader for these forms and that is free as well.


Megacross Sign up form.       (fill out multiple race dates save time)

Megatraxs Sign up form   (Indoor event, use when inside)

Minor Release Form                  (must be printed in color)

Guardian Release Form    ( when you bring a child other then your own)

AMA membership Form                   (required to race)

AMA District 17 Application            (required to race)

Annual AMA release form        (This is the year form )

AMA Sign up Link