Last update: 10-13-2020 4am
Well another season in the books.  What a ride.  From kicking off inside with a small but excellent race program to cancelling events do to covid. Then fighting what seemed to be everyone to get this series back up to speed.  Then to top it off with a very nice pro am finale with 23 Challenge coming on board to help............just amazing.
Now next season is already being thought of.
Yes there will be indoor racing to what extent we don't know yet.  But it will be unique, and it will work great!
The Year end Banquet is being discussed because of the restrictions we may have to improvise.  Safe to say, it will happen, how, where, when that might be the hurdles!
stay tuned!
Points are posted as are results.

  Our process is going to be the same as we have had the social distancing and keeping things apart all summer.  So please do that in those fashions.
We are considered OUTDOOR recreation, but distancing is needed even outdoors.   Make sure to print your forms, and social distance in the pit areas and staging areas.

Forms page here  

Ultimate Racer Challenge Series!!

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  Phone number 815.539.9021 for last minute updates.

  Special thanks to Dylan Broll (his business link is below) who has been instrumental in helping and teaching this ole dog some new tricks building the new site.  Let us know how this site works for you.  ALL the information is still here just in a different and more organized fashion.

This yellow box will be our weekly/race update area.

Welcome to Megacross!

Entering into our third decade........

Since 1993 we have worked hard to provide one of the most rider friendly, progressive, and fun race series in the mid-west. Riders have enjoyed our series and have recognized the great value and competition that it provides.  ALL ages have found our racing event to be more then just a race,  but a true bonding competitive race series which has molded many friendships and riders careers.  We are proud to be an AMA  and District 17 member, which utilizes those foundations to make our series the best it can be.  Join us during the  summer for fun filled Saturday nights, and see why Megacross is "The Place to Race".   Don't forget  Fox Valley Off Road for all your practice and play riding needs at a different location.  Want to do more then pound laps?  We have Beginner areas, riding schools, two tracks, and wooded trails, hills for all skills. Family oriented fun, it is the "The Place to Ride"

Now Open  Megatraxs!   Dirt Bike INDOOR riding Arena!

     Check it out!  Keep your edge ride all winter long!

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